Release Notes

pydocstyle version numbers follow the Semantic Versioning specification.

1.0.0 - January 30th, 2016

Major Updates

  • The project was renamed to pydocstyle and the new release will be 1.0.0!

New Features

  • Added support for Python 3.5 (#145).
  • Classes nested inside classes are no longer considered private. Nested classes are considered public if their names are not prepended with an underscore and if their parent class is public, recursively (#13, #146).
  • Added the D403 error code - “First word of the first line should be properly capitalized”. This new error is turned on by default (#164, #165, #170).
  • Added support for .pydocstylerc and as configuration file name (#140, #173).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a NameError was raised when parsing complex definitions of __all__ (#142, #143).
  • Fixed a bug where D202 was falsely reported when a function with just a docstring and no content was followed by a comment (#165).
  • Fixed wrong __all__ definition in main module (#150, #156).
  • Fixed a bug where an AssertionError could occur when parsing __future__ imports (#154).

Older Versions


Versions documented below are before renaming the project from pep257 to pydocstyle.

0.7.0 - October 9th, 2015

New Features

  • Added the D104 error code - “Missing docstring in public package”. This new error is turned on by default. Missing docstring in files which previously resulted in D100 errors (“Missing docstring in public module”) will now result in D104 (#105, #127).
  • Added the D105 error code - “Missing docstring in magic method’. This new error is turned on by default. Missing docstrings in magic method which previously resulted in D102 error (“Missing docstring in public method”) will now result in D105. Note that exceptions to this rule are variadic magic methods - specifically __init__, __call__ and __new__, which will be considered non-magic and missing docstrings in them will result in D102 (#60, #139).
  • Support the option to exclude all error codes. Running pep257 with --select= (or select= in the configuration file) will exclude all errors which could then be added one by one using add-select. Useful for projects new to pep257 (#132, #135).
  • Added check D211: No blank lines allowed before class docstring. This change is a result of a change to the official PEP257 convention. Therefore, D211 will now be checked by default instead of D203, which required a single blank line before a class docstring (#137).
  • Configuration files are now handled correctly. The closer a configuration file is to a checked file the more it matters. Configuration files no longer support explain, source, debug, verbose or count (#133).

Bug Fixes

  • On Python 2.x, D302 (“Use u”“” for Unicode docstrings”) is not reported if unicode_literals is imported from __future__ (#113, #134).
  • Fixed a bug where there was no executable for pep257 on Windows (#73, #136).

0.6.0 - July 20th, 2015

New Features

  • Added support for more flexible error selections using --ignore, --select, --convention, --add-ignore and --add-select (#96, #123).

Bug Fixes

  • Property setter and deleter methods are now treated as private and do not require docstrings separate from the main property method (#69, #107).
  • Fixed an issue where pep257 did not accept docstrings that are both unicode and raw in Python 2.x (#116, #119).
  • Fixed an issue where Python 3.x files with Unicode encodings were not read correctly (#118).

0.5.0 - March 14th, 2015

New Features

  • Added check D210: No whitespaces allowed surrounding docstring text (#95).
  • Added real documentation rendering using Sphinx (#100, #101).

Bug Fixes

  • Removed log level configuration from module level (#98).
  • D205 used to check that there was a blank line between the one line summary and the description. It now checks that there is exactly one blank line between them (#79).
  • Fixed a bug where --match-dir was not properly respected (#108, #109).

0.4.1 - January 10th, 2015

Bug Fixes

  • Getting ImportError when trying to run pep257 as the installed script (#92, #93).

0.4.0 - January 4th, 2015


A fatal bug was discovered in this version (#92). Please use a newer version.

New Features

  • Added configuration file support (#58, #87).
  • Added a --count flag that prints the number of violations found (#86, #89).
  • Added support for Python 3.4, PyPy and PyPy3 (#81).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken tests (#74).
  • Fixed parsing various colon and parenthesis combinations in definitions (#82).
  • Allow for greater flexibility in parsing __all__ (#67).
  • Fixed handling of one-liner definitions (#77).

0.3.2 - March 11th, 2014

First documented release!