Error Codes


Missing Docstrings
D100 Missing docstring in public module
D101 Missing docstring in public class
D102 Missing docstring in public method
D103 Missing docstring in public function
Whitespace Issues
D200 One-line docstring should fit on one line with quotes
D201 No blank lines allowed before function docstring
D202 No blank lines allowed after function docstring
D203 1 blank line required before class docstring
D204 1 blank line required after class docstring
D205 1 blank line required between summary line and description
D206 Docstring should be indented with spaces, not tabs
D207 Docstring is under-indented
D208 Docstring is over-indented
D209 Multi-line docstring closing quotes should be on a separate line
D210 No whitespaces allowed surrounding docstring text
Quotes Issues
D300 Use “”“triple double quotes”“”
D301 Use r”“” if any backslashes in a docstring
D302 Use u”“” for Unicode docstrings
Docstring Content Issues
D400 First line should end with a period
D401 First line should be in imperative mood
D402 First line should not be the function’s “signature”